English Edge: Customised Business English Course

Course overview

Hone Your English offers customized training programs to empower your employees with the language skills they need to excel in their work. Our comprehensive courses bridge the gap between their current proficiency and the requirements of their roles. Through personalized instruction, we ensure they can confidently communicate in written and spoken English.

Course overview

Employees will be able to work confidently in English, eliminating language barriers.

Increase your brand perception as your team communicates professionally and seamlessly.

Boost employee confidence, leading to greater efficiency and increased bottom line.

Retain your top talent by investing in your workforce.

Curriculum overview

Our 12-week curriculum is adaptable and tailored to each business’s needs. It can include grammar troubleshooting, technical language, writing, pronunciation, public speaking, and soft business English skills.

English Lessons

We will develop fluency and teach relevant technical language required for any role.
We will also ensure each employee has a secure foundation in grammar to facilitate easier self-expression, verbally and written.

Live Classes

Our approach is centered around personalisation. Once enrolled, each employee will undergo an assessment, allowing our teachers to create a tailored program. 

This program will include engaging live lessons conducted weekly to ensure optimal learning outcomes. 

1:1 sessions are also available for those who learn better with individualized help. 

Presentation Lessons

For those employees that need it, we will arrange Pronunciation and Public speaking classes to ensure that each student can be easily understood by a native speaker of English. Our highly skilled Voice Coaches will systematically ensure that each student is able to replicate all the different sounds in English. 

Once these basics are in place, we will move onto supporting the voice with breath work. This helps our students to have greater impact when presenting.

We believe in putting students in live scenarios so that they will be able to perform under pressure.

All presentation lessons will have mock scenarios role play that are designed to replicate situations that they will face in the workplace.

Additional Benefits

Increased productivity at work

Better Emails

Better presentations

 Enhanced employee contribution

 Enhanced brand perception

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